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  Individual Budgets  

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The Individual Budget Office is located at the Thomas A. Wildey Center,

located at 2040 US Highway 50, Batavia, OH 45103 (one mile west of Owensville).


Adult Services Individual Budgeting & Self-Determination Overview

Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities supports the philosophy of Self-Determination and Individual Budgeting

Adults who qualify for Adult Services who primarily do not choose facility-based adult day services and community-based employment services have an alternative choice in services called Individual Budget.  Self-Determination refers to self-advocates and their support circle speaking up for themselves and having more control over their adult services planning resources.  An Individual Budget is a predetermined amount of funding that a person is able to direct for services and supports for their Adult Services needs.  The Individual Budget funding amount is discussed annually during planning. 

Self-Determination and Individual Budgeting is a unique service delivery method which means that a person makes decisions, plans for the future, and determines how funds are spent for supports, and takes responsibility for the decisions.

Referral for this service can be made by calling 732-7000 and asking for the Intake Department.  In addition, your Service and Support Administrator (SSA) or your Program Manager can give you more information about Individual Budgeting.  If you have question, you can also contact Cathy Marshall, Self-Determination Coordinator @ (513)732-4821.


Principles of Self Determination

Freedom…to plan a real life; the ability for a person with a disability, along with freely chosen family and friends, to plan their own lives, with necessary support, rather than purchase a program.


Authority…over the resources; the ability of a person with a disability to control a certain sum of dollars in order to purchase supports.

Support…for building a life in the community; the arranging of resources and personnel-both formal and informal- that will assist a person with a disability to live life in the community that is rich in social associations and contributions.

Responsibility…to give back to your community; the acceptance of a valued role in a person’s community through competitive employment, organizational affiliations, spiritual development and general caring for others in the community, as well a accountability for spending public dollars in ways that are life enhancing for persons with disabilities.


Confirmation…self-advocates and families take on leadership roles in helping make decisions at every level.


Planning Process

Self-determination and Individual Budgeting permits individuals to access and direct determined planning funds.  Planning funds through an Individual Budget may be utilized for a variety of services, supports, and outcomes.  Planning is very individualized and is an alternative to traditional types of programs offered through adult services.  An Individual Service Plan  is the document that outlines the allowable services and supports through the Individual Budget.


Note: Individuals who work in the community may have access to some of these funds on a prorated basis depending on the number of hours the individual works.  Individuals who receive Medicaid Waiver services may be eligible for an Individual Budget or may have a prorated Individual Budget based on day habilitation attendance.  These specifics can be discussed with your SSA (Service and Support Administrator) or the Self-Determination Coordinator.

Each individual must participate in the planning process and creation of the Individual Budget Plan.  The individual plan (with needed support circle as identified) outlines the creative goals and rationale for supports.


The person with identified support circle has responsibility to manage, direct, and document fund use.  A Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities Administrative team reviews, approves, and has oversight to ensure that public funds are being delivered and managed appropriately and fairly. 


 Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities does NOT support an individual budget that:  

  • contradicts the health and safety needs of the individual
  • is illegal or criminal in nature
  • denies fiscal responsibility and improper use of public funds (must follow Clermont Board of Developmental Disabilities procedures and policy)

Individuals have directed an individual budget in a variety of ways. 

Some examples are:         

  • bathroom modifications and other home adaptations/modifications
  • communication devices
  • specialized camps
  • adaptive equipment for home or work
  • mechanical lifts
  • transportation costs
  • provider services for assistance at home or in the community
  • transportation services
  • modified vans
  • direct service support for work and community
  • specialized therapy
  • computer for work, school, and home
  • computer software for communication or education
  • classes in the community for education, work, or community integration
  • training for individual or caregivers
  • purchasing services in the community
  • tutoring services
  • sensory equipment
  • fund personal goals (such as publishing a book)
  • purchasing other equipment for home or work
  • YMCA passes or other health club memberships
  • other modifications to home (ramps, walkways for wheelchair)
  • internet services for work or communication
  • phone lines for internet or family communication
  • employment services from other agencies
  • respite services
  • community exploration and integration activities such as volunteer opportunities, movies, concerts, sporting events, cultural events
  • rewards for positive achievement (i.e.  a special outing or experience)

The above list is a sample of how individuals and their circle of support planned certain services, supports, and items as a way to reach certain goals, outcomes, or life skills.   

Note: Requested services/supports/items may be subject to Administrative Approval and prior authorization through the Individual Budget Committee.

Individual Budget items requested that MUST be sent to committee for review:

  • Vehicles for purchase, lease or repair
  • Overnight trips
  • Any single expenditure over $1000.00 except transportation and provider related services
  • Season ticket requests
  • Adaptive and mobility devices that are related to disability
  • Occupational, Physical and Speech therapy
  • Counseling and/or Behavior Management related to disability
  • Music Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Any business enterprise or employment opportunities
  • Any registrations which occurs more than 2 times during a span


Items that WON'T be considered for the purpose of an Individual Budget are:


  • Funeral or death benefits
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Investing in stocks and bonds
  • Medical and/or dental co-pay or bills
  • Household cleaning supplies except for 1 time expense for training
  • Laundry supplies except for 1 time expense for training
  • Psychiatric or Chiropractic care
  • Food  (Nutritional supplements are OK)
  • Clothing  (Clothing for work is OK)
  • Furniture, household items, and appliances
  • Housing costs including moving, rent deposit, and rent
  • Home improvements that are not accessible issues or environmental modifications

***These lists are not all inclusive and other items may be subject to approval.

Applicable laws, policies, and procedures must be adhered to during the plan process.