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Disability Awareness Curriculum Team

Lisa Davis, Community Relations Director

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Christine Darling, Compliance Review Specialist

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Tim Vogel, Work Services Coordinator

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In 2004, the Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities created a training curriculum to help people in the community learn abou the agency and experience what it feels like to have a disability.  Through a short PowerPoint presentation, the group receives a course in Assistive Technology, learns what it means to speak "People First Language" and has the opportunity to "try on a disability." 

This has proved to be a very successful training program for the Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities.  Schools, church groups, Rotary Clubs, and many other organizations have had the opportunity to experience this curriculum over the past year and in July, 2005, the Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities received an Exemplary Status for this program from the CARF accreditation organization.

The great part about his curriculum can fit into any class or group, regardless of time or size!  Training can be presented to a group of 400 in a two-hour period of time, or 20 people in one hour.  Whatever time you have to offer (day or evening), we can fit into it and help your group have a fun learning experience in the process!

Call one of the numbers listed above to schedule a training time.

Curriculum Outline

A.  What is a disability?

B.  Clermont DD Program Overview

C.  What is a Developmental Disability?

D.  Ten Rules for Communicating

with Someone who has a Disability

E.  Assistive Technology Overview

F.  People First Language

G. Try on a Disability

H.  Handouts to Keep