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  Sharon Woodrow, Superintendent   |   PO Box 156, Batavia, OH 45103  

Jodie Jones, Investigative Agent

P. O. Box 156

Batavia, OH 45103

(513) 732-4830

(513) 732-4828 (MUI Hotline)

(513) 319-0179 (After Hours EMERGENCY Number)

(513) 732-5020 (fax)

Carolyn Crawford, Secretary

(513) 732-4835

             VACATION NOTICE - November, 2010

The Investigative Unit for the Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities is located at the Thomas A. Wildey Center and manages information for all service providers, including County Board-operated programs and services involving significant incidents that pose a risk to the health and safety of individuals with developmental disabilities.  This information is generated through the Major Unusual Incident (MUI) process.  The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities defines certain types of occurrences as Major Unusual Incidents, or incidents that have the potential to pose a significant risk to the health and safety of the individuals we serve.  The MUI process seeks to ensure that individuals with developmental disabilities have access to appropriate treatment care, and ensure that providers of services address individual needs in a thorough and proactive manner.  The MUI process reviews both individual and agency system needs.  The Investigative Agent performs the duty of investigation, information gathering, review, and analysis of MUI's, and ensures that service providers take appropriate actions toward the resolution and prevention of Major Unusual Incidents.

MUI's are defined as the alleged, suspected, or actual occurrence of abuse; attempted suicide; death, exploitation; failure to report; injuries of known origin; involvement with law enforcement; medical emergency; misappropriation; missing person; neglect; peer-to-peer acts, prohibited sexual relations; rights code violations; unapproved behavior support; injury of unknown origin; and unscheduled hospitalization.

How to Report:  Reports of Major Unusual Incidents during regular business hours may be made by phone to the MUI Hotline at (513) 732-4828 or faxed to the Investigations Office at (513) 732-5020.  Reports are also accepted via email.  Please make sure the following information is included:

  • Reporter name and contact information
  • Name of subject
  • Type of incident
  • Date and time of incident
  • Basic facts known about the incident
  • What immediate actions were taken to protect the health and safety of the individual.
  • Notifications made by reporter (i.e. guardian, SSA, etc.)

If you are reporting ABUSE, NEGLECT, EXPLOITATION, MISAPPROPRIATION, SUSPICIOUS OR ACCIDENTAL DEATH or other critical incident requiring immediate attention, please HAVE THE INVESTIGATOR PAGED.  If the Investigator is unavailable, please have the EMERGENCY ON-CALL SSA PAGED.

PLEASE NOTIFY LAW ENFORCEMENT FIRST IF THERE IS A RISK OF IMMEDIATE HARM OR DEATH.  For all other non-critical incidents occurring after business hours, please submit your report the next business day.