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  Sharon Woodrow, Superintendent   |   PO Box 156, Batavia, OH 45103  

What We're All About

The Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities serves babies, children, and adults .  These services take place primarily in the Batavia and Owensville area, but can also be present in community settings.  Below is a brief outline of programs.

A.  Children's Services

The Thomas A. Wildey Center is located in Owensville and serves many age groups.  The Early Intervention Program is located within this center and provides services to babies, birth to the age of 3.  When a child is born with a developmental delay or disability, he or she is referred to the Clermotn County Board of Developmental Disabilities for Early Intervention Services.  The child's family works with a team of staff which includes an Early Intervention Specialist and several therapists (occupational, physical, and speech...this team might also include a Parent Advisor from our Regional Infant Hearing Program, if the child is deaf or hard of hearing.)  This team of staff visits the babies within his/her own home setting, until the child reaches 2 1/2 years old; it is then time for the child to get ready for preschool, so the child joins a class at the Wildey Center to get ready for transition.

Also located at the Wildey Center is the Wildey School Age Program for children ages 6 through 21.  These children are referred by their local school districts, because they have special needs that cannot be met with a typical classroom setting.  The major emphasis of the school age program is promoting the independence of each student to the maximum extent possible.  Community participate is stressed with the ultimate goal being eventual job placement.  Students in this program also benefit from occupational, physical, and speech therapies, and have access to hydrotherapy in an indoor swimming pool, as well as adaptive physical education and vocational training. Once a child graduates from the Wildey School Age Program (or from a local school district), he or she has the opportunity to do much of the same things typical young adults experience:  going to college, getting a job, gathering further vocational student, etc.  For someone who has a developmental disabilities, it can become necessary to enlist the help of many in order to reach maximum independence. 



B. Adult Services

Two sheltered workshops are located in the Batavia area, to assist the individual to gain additional vocational training.  The Grissom Building and Donald A. Collins Center offer adults with disabilities the opportunity to earn a paycheck while continuing to develop necessary skills needed to gain community employment.  One wing at the Wildey Center in Owensville serves as an activity center, so that people have the opportunity to choose alternative activities to regular work environments.

The Community Employment Services Department serves adults who are actively seeking employment within the community.  This division of the Developmental Disabilities program will meet with employers/business owners to inquire about open positions within their companies.  Once an individual is matched with the job, staff from the Community Employment Department assists the individual with mock interviews.  When the individual participates in the actual interview and is hired, a Job Coach works with the person to handle the actual job training.  This occurs because it might take someone several weeks to learn the job successfully (depending upon the work sills of the individual), and an employer does not always have staff available to do the training. 

Clermont DD also has many enclaves (or mobile work crews) who work as a team within a business or organization.  Each team consists of 4-5 individuals who are supervised by a Board of Developmental Disabilities staff person.  They complete the job according to what the business owner needs.  Currently, we have enclaves that work at the Sportsman's Market (Sporty's at the Clermont County Airport), Bryan Equipment, Fairfield Inn and Suites, and Clermont County Records Management.  The Lawn Crew is available during the spring, summer, and fall, and offers a complete lawn services to many cemeteries and ball fields in the Clermont County area.

Adults over the age of 55 have the option of joining the Senior Retirement Program.  This is currently located in the Adult Services wing at the Wildey Center and give seniors the opportunity to enjoy games, group outings, and socialization. 

C.  Other Areas

The Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities has many departments that work behind the scenes to ensure the safety and well being of each individual served.  The Investigative Agent tracks the information on abuse and neglect cases that are reported by Board staff, providers, and the general public.  The Community Support Services Department monitors all support and Medicaid-funded services, to ensure the Board of Developmental Disabilities is providing or contracting for services that meet and exceed all applicable federal, state, and local standards.  Service and Support Administration are available to individuals (or the individual's family) once they are determined eligible for board services.  They assist in acquiring specific services that fit the person's needs.  The Business Operations Department is in charge of all human resources for Board employees, tracks employee training, supervises the maintenance and custodial programs in all Board facilities, and assists with compliance issues for state and federal surveys.  This department handles all fiscal operations of the entire agency.  The Community Relations Department handless all public relations for the agency, implements day, evening, and weekend activities for teenagers and adults, supervises approximately 200 volunteers, and takes care of all technology needs throughout the agency.

D. Grant Programs

The Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities is proud to work with Help Me Grow, a central intake site for all infants and toddlers (birth to 3) who are referred by physicians due to developmental delays or disabilities.  This program is located at the Wildey Center; please visit their web site at for more information.

We are also pleased to operate the Regional Infant Hearing Program to assist children (birth to 3) who are deaf or hard of hearing.  This program is located in the Early Intervention Wing of the Wildey Center and serves 9 counties in the southwestern corner of Ohio (Adams, Brown, Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Fayette, Hamilton, Highland, and Warren).  The Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities is the only program of its kind in the state of Ohio to have been awarded this grant!

Families Connected of Clermont County is a support network for families that is operated through a grant from the Mental Health and Recovery Board.  They produce workshops and seminars throughout the year for families in Clermont County, in the hopes of being that "first step" for families to discover they aren't alone.  The Families Connected offices are also located in the Early Intervention Wing of the Wildey Center.